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I live in Berlin and work anywhere I have a blog on my web site where you can buy prints to download for only €1.00. Just click on “Souvenirs” and you’ll get right there


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  1. nagore said, on July 8, 2009 at 9:00 am

    Hi there, Michael. What’s up?

    Let us introduce ourselves: we are the team behind http://www.evax.es, willing to contact you after seeing the Souvenirs project.

    If you wish to check Tu Vida es Hoy (Your life is today) you’ll see that its home changes every day: because every day is unique in its own way, we suggest you every day a proposal to make it special.

    And we want you to be our homepage one of those (to)days ; )
    Looking for what we call ‘inspirational content’, we found your work. We think it represents the values of the project, as it is a really original idea: to see the things from a different perspective and with a touch of humor. we love the idea.

    Your project would be in our homepage for one day and would form a part of the gallery of inspirational proposals. In thi way, we would put an image of the project together with a small copy, and the proposal would link directly to your flickr.

    We’ re expecting your answer and, if you have any doubt or wanna know Tu Vida es Hoy a little better, don’t hesitate to ask.

    Thanks in advance,
    The evax.es team

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